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MK’s Sew-Able is the Pfaff dealer in Toowoomba with Pfaff machines holding up to a 5 year warranty, and PFAFF Overlockers with a 2 year warranty. With all the latest models in-store, Mk's Sew-Able keeps up to date with new release machines and are able to order any machines in by request.


Pfaff has a great selection of innovative sewing machines, each with different equipment and performance ranges, as well as a large variety of overlock machines, a must have for every hobby sewer.

The ORIGINAL – only from Pfaff for over 35 years! IDT Perfect Seams! -  The secret to perfect seams -  The fabric is fed from the top and the bottom at the same time, at any stitch, and no matter the stitch length or width. The result: absolutely no fabric slippage! Perfect for quilting. Only Pfaff has the original IDT integrated in the sewing machine!

The creative sensation™ pro - Pure perfection

The creative sensation™ pro

Experience the brilliance and clarity of the most modern technology, and more perfect results than ever before with this top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine - See more at:


The creative™ 4.5 - Make an impact!

The creative™ 4.5

This sewing and embroidery machine offers a range of impressive features and creative possibilities, as well as an incredible diversity of designs. - See more at:


The quilt expression™ 4.2 - Realize your potential

quilt expression™ 4.2

Quilting is one of the most exciting forms of artistic expression. It needs a sewing machine which fulfills quilters‘ needs and gives their imagination free rein. Let your creativity run free as you experience the quilt expression™ 4.2 sewing machine. Realize how exciting modern quilting can be!

Exceptional quilting features are just waiting to be discovered. - See more at:


The 'PFAFF® ambition™ 1.0 - The difference is in the details!

PFAFF® ambition™ 1.0

Fashion, accessories and decoration for your home – the ambition™ 1.0 sewing machine does it all, and is filled with surprises..- See more at:


The passport™ 3 - Perfect for Small Spaces & Going Places

PFAFF® passport™ 3 - Perfect for Small Spaces & Going Places

Imagine a sewing machine compact enough to whisk away to a sewing class, or fit in your bookshelf. Now, imagine this same machine is chock-full of features designed to meet the high demands of the PFAFF® sewer.
- See more at:


SMARTER BY PFAFF™ 260c - Be Smart. Be Original


What ever your passion is, fashion or home decoration, this sewing machine has what you need to express it. Let's begin a sewing adventure focused on you: Your uniqueness. Your passion. Your sewing. - See more at:

For more information on the Pfaff range please visit the Pfaff Website.



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